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Denver-based Will Raidle came pretty much out of nowhere., scoring tons of plays in just a few days soundcloud with his booty house track Be mine. Instead of coming up with a bunch of fancy adjectives and adverbs describing this bootleg featuring the La Bouche – Be My Lover 1995 sample we asked Will a few questions about himself and the track.

HMWL: Honestly I remember making out in high school to La Bouche – Be my lover track. What were you up to in 1995?

Oh man, this is tough. In 1995 I was still living in Tampa, FL. At that time I was probably bugging my parents to buy me a Nintendo 64. I was definitely playing on the worst youth soccer team of all time, listening to various child-friendly cassette tapes on a Walkman, and wishing I was kissing girls on the playground during recess while listening to La Bouche, you know, kid shit. I was 5 at the time. Haha.

Will Raidle and Uncle Buck are two lovely pseudonyms. But seriously who is the guy behind them and how long have you been in music production?

I have been in music production since 2010 after acquiring Ableton Live 8. Once I discovered the DAW, I fell in love with it. I think the biggest inspiration for me to continue was that it was not only fun, but also acted as a creative outlet for me; I don’t think I’m talented enough in the visual arts realm to even draw a duck. Prior to my experience with making dance music I had played the trombone during middle/high school, but had a falling out once I went to college. I found that being strictly a performer of that instrument wasn’t necessarily my passion, although I still enjoy playing. It is an understatement for me to say that finding Ableton Live was a whirlwind of fresh air for me.

The musical possibilities are virtually limitless and that’s really awesome. As for my current and/or previous artist identities, Will Raidle is my actual name and who I am. Uncle Buck on the other hand is the spunk that lives inside of me that people can’t see on the surface, that influences and distinguishes my personality as well as my style. I think anybody that knows me could tell you which aspects of my music and personality represent which identity. There was actually a previous moniker for myself, BuckFunker, which eventually evolved into Uncle Buck. I thought that getting “buck,” as the Three 6 Mafia and other southern rappers would say, was hilarious and had a fun energy behind it, so I went and stuck with it. When both words were tied and said together, most people thought I was saying my name was, “ButtFucker.” Which was kind of cool, but more so a bad joke, which led into a DJ title that was ripped off of a popular John Candy movie. I enjoyed performing under the Uncle Buck name but I knew that it wasn’t my vision to always be directly associated with a giant pancake making fictional character, which is why I decided to just use my own name as an artist. I’m certain more people know me for my real name than Uncle Buck, which made the transition quick and easy.

What is the Denver DJ scene like? What’s happening? What is new and what is “old”?

Honestly, I have found that Denver is a beautiful place for DJs and I have absolutely fallen in love with being a part of it. There is a lot of incredible talent, old and new all around the board; there are DJs who have been playing raves for over two decades and there are younger blooded folks like me who are relatively newer to the music scene. It has been a really positive experience being involved in such a promising local environment. You can pretty much find any genre of dance music that will tickle your fancy, “underground,” or not. As far as new goes, slowly but surely, the overall sound is moving towards a little deeper direction, no matter what genre you choose, and personally, I think it’s great. Speaking more from the house/techno direction, the amount of amazing acts being booked every weekend just keeps growing and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down; I don’t think anybody here can deny that fact. It’s really been a great privilege to be a part of such an upcoming movement with the Night Supply crew, TheHundred, and to play with all of the amazing artists that are some of my biggest influences and inspirations.

What does the near future look like for Will Raidle? Productions, Remixes, etc?

 As far as the near future goes, there are productions that I have been working on that will hopefully see the light of day 😉

Anything you want to add? 

It’s been a pleasure answering questions for you guys, thanks House Music With Love for reaching out to me and asking for an interview. You guys are super rad! Cheers J


Thank you Will Raidle!

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