Free Download: Ilves & Migova – Ibiza Metrocolor EP

ilves & migova - ibiza metrocolor

Ilves & Migova – two amazing Swedes in Ibiza-exile are back at it again. Ibiza Metrocolor is here for free download.

Johan Ilves and Alexandria Migova has been on our radar for quite a while delivering some mesmerizing deep techno tracks and remixes on labels Techsoul, Bonzai and Nightbird Music. Since moving to Ibiza early this spring they definitely absorbed a lot of the island infinite inspiration that manifests in a new free download EP – Ibiza Metrocolor. With both Ilves and Migova on production and Migova on vocals as every time before creating a hypnotic atmosphere on top of the track. In one way it’s too bad the Ibiza Metrocolor EP was released for free – great tracks like these deserve a good label to call home. On other hands it’s best thing that could happen. Good music deserves to be free. The second track of the Ibiza Metrocolor  – True Pilgrim is the personal favorite here.

Ibiza Metrocolor EP
Artist: Ilves & Migova
Label: No / Free Download
A: Ilves & Migova – Ibiza Metrocolor
B: Ilves & Migova – True Pilgrim
Our rating: 7/10

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