Free Download: Hollis Parker – Sunshine


This is the kind of track that would make you really miss the summer if it was snowing outside.

Sunshine has a an awesome oldschool vibe about it. It­­­ features a seriously grooving bass-line that sits really nice between the drums and the main sample (from Roy Ayers’s Everybody Loves the Sunshine). This all adds up to a sound that makes it very hard not to start nodding your head to.

NYC-born artist Hollis Parker says he is influenced by sample-based hiphop production, and you can tell; listening to Sunshine got me kind of nostalgic about the 90’s golden-era of hiphop. He cites influences like A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Shadow and J-Swift. Just like those artists Hollis Parker has the ability to keep a listener interested. He constantly keeps the Sunshine progressing, throwing in new sections and twists without ever distracting from the main vibe. As a listener you’re never bored.

This track is offered as the first of a series of free download to gear up for London-based label SoSure Music’s launch. Their first release will be Hollis Parker’s EP, “The Tunnel EP”. It will be out in September in a vinyl-only release. Don’t miss!


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