Finnebasen – MILESTONE EP [Poesie Musik 9th may]

Finnebasen - Milestone EP

Norway is the country of many strong producers and DJs – Todd Terje, Lindstrøm, Ost & Kex, Nils Noa, Terje Bakke, Uno Mas, Marius Circus and Erlend Øye to name a few. But there is one gentleman who has been exceptionally industrious in delivering ear-melting deep house with fantastic bass-lines and creative samples. Of course we are talking about the Villa and Jaeger resident – Finnebasen.

Finnebasen is back again with another amazing Milestone EP, this time on the German label Poesie Musik.

On the Milestone EP the A-side is ‘Villa’ – a chilled out track with a dark and mesmerizing vibe that remains steady and serious through the track thanks to the solid bass line. ‘Blå’ turns up the tempo just a little bit while keeping the overall groovy atmosphere in line with ‘Villa’- The two tracks. One solid EP created for the late night open air floors. Another solid release from Finnebasen.

Based in Oslo, Norway Finnebassen dropped a lot of heavy music on Noir, Jeudi or Supernature. With his track ‘If You Only Knew’, he created a timeless classic and just finished a huge remix of Disclosure’s ‘January’ due this summer.

Poesie Musik is a germain label that previously have been releasing Wankelmut Hufschlag & Braun, Sven VT, Martin Roth, Gui Boratto, Jay Haze, Big Bully, Slackwax, Jonas Woehl, Emma Louise, Solee, Oliver Schories, Marvin Hey, Kasper Bjorke, Nils Hoffmann, Konstantin Sibold, Aka Aka, Piemont, Hobo, Thalstroem, Fabian Reichelt, MK, Less Hate, Lopazz, Ferdinand Dreyssig and Leif Müller to name a few.

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