Case & Point – Prism

Bostonian electro-house duo Case & Point just put their latest track, Prism, on Soundcloud and it’s a doozy!

The name of the game here is catchy electro-melodies. I found myself walking around and humming the main synth line for myself after the first time I heard the song; it’s the kind of melody that just gets stuck in your head instantly.

The production also deserves huge a credit. First off, the mix is on point! Secondly, while the song is far from scaled back Case & Point could quite easily have gone overboard with it and turned it into some festival-EDM monstrosity. Instead they gave the track a (for a lack of better words) tasteful amount of hands-in-the-air-epicness while still retaining the catchiness and the feel of the melody.

If you need a track to go mad on the dance floor with, or a track to blast at dangerously high volumes while driving a car at breakneck speeds down a highway, look no further!

Also, Case & Point offers Prism as a (almost) free download on their Soundcloud-page! I say almost because in order to download it you need to follow the duo on your social media of choice (Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube). Well worth it I’d say!


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