Brillstein – Back to Bed [Play it down]

Brillstein - Back to Bed
I have sort of fallen for the chunky chunes of Brillsteins mini-album. The groovy garments make a beautiful pattern of chest rattling bass, groovy samples and swaying effects. This will fit perfectly alongside some Detroit Swindle shuffles.

Brillsteins’, first name Mike, solo work was born out of collabs with Jesse Rose. Their joint success gave way for Brillstein try to solidify his place on the global map of house, while keeping his spot as governor of the LA house scene, which he and inhibited since the late 90s’. Back to Bed is released on Play It Down, a sub-label of Made To Play, run by Jesse Rose himself, and it is a really good try to conquer the world with fun and uplifting beats.

Back to Bed is a 6-track mini-album that makes me do the opposite of what the name implies. I know it was released almost a month ago, but hell, you don´t always have to be first. This one’s deserves a second round of applause. ”Ode 2 Da Nude” is the opening track: heavy, loopy and delivers big pieces of rhythm, just as expected. The melodic organ is my favourite sound. The second track ”Je T’Adore” is my favourite track. It´s soaring, but with a floating synth and chained beat. ”Environmental Produce” is slower, cooler and manages, despite some clashing elements, sew together the chunky loops to a nice piece.

There might soon come a time when the funk drenched 4/4, +120bpm will bore everyone to death, but I am not there yet.

Out now on Play it Down.


A1. Ode To Da Nude
A2. Je T’Adore
A3. It Is Sew
B1. Jaw Like Shabba
B2. Environmental Produce
B3. Meelo My Bro

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