Bowyer Hawks – Away from others EP [LAW Recordings March 24th]


Our favorite Swede in Parisian exile is back at it again. His DIY label LAW Recordings features an impressive catalogue of 38 releases by Bowyer Hawks (Fredrik Hagblom) himself and a small group of Paris and Sweden based producers in crime.

The 38th release contains three lovely tracks, “Away from others“, a Rebels of Underground remix by J Dovy and Your Life is Your life on the flipside. Don’t get fooled by the repetitive drums of the original mix, it’s got an amazingly deep and hooky bassline that will work very well during early hours on the dancefloors. J Dovy brings in a a bit more dirty, underground feeling to it also adding a massive spanish spoken vocals and some nice strokes on top. Finally Your Life is Your life is minimalistic, techy and will do just great as the party proceedes towards the afterhours.





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