Aaryon – Fairy Tales EP [Steyoyoke]

Aaryon - Fairy Tales

The label Steyoyoke just signed Aaryon and put out an EP with tons of atmosphere and tech-blippy goodness!

The Original Mix’s bassline is great for anybody who’s looking for an example of how to utilize a filter to make the bassline more dynamic; it’s simply masterfully done! It goes from bubbling in the background to hitting the riff-notes way up front and it sounds so natural! The bells are also a nice touch that brings another dimension to the track.

Ran Salmas’s remix is much more focused on a techier bass while still hitting those very catchy riff notes from the Original Mix. The track stays pretty tech; that is until the last drop when a full-blow string section comes in to the picture. Although a loath the word I can only describe it as “epic”!
Fairy Tales EP also features two remixes from Animal Picnic. The Animal Picnic Club Edit is a stomper in its purest form that very much lives up to its name. Its one of those tracks that made me instantly get images in my head of a packed club, despite the fact that I’m sitting at home in bathrobe sipping a cup of tea.

The Animal Picnic Remix is a bit more of a mellow affair. The groove is laid back and the synths make it sound almost cozy. A nice contrast from the Club Edit!

Get the Aaryon – Fairy Tales EP on Beatport here! Check it out!

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