Umami – We don’t need words


The two master minds behind Umami are Robert and Sam. When they met for the first time, in a small basement studio not far from the coast of the Baltic Sea, they were both playing in different bands. Robert was the keyboarder and producer in Depeche Mode, I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know that did you? Sam was a singer/songwriter and guitarist in several jazz and rock bands. These aren’t just producers guys, they are true musicians and composers; what an outstanding fusion Robert and Sam bring to Umami..  After producing music together for a while, they begun playing live-sets in various clubs and open airs in Berlin, Germany. Their contribution to the vast electronic music scene is so unique; their music truly speaks for itself. Umami’s first vinyl “Ich & Du“, a collaboration with AKA AKA on Stil vor Talent or their track “I come to you” and “Not to” are other great jewels.
We don’t need words” is a release on label; Burlesque Musique. A label that has other talented artists such as Aka Aka and Stereo Express which are definitely my favorite!  I hear a strong sound of the blues in the vocals, which takes me back to the 19th century in the deep south of the United States. There’s an electric buzz throughout the track; you can’t help but notice all the instrumental details and rhymed simple narrative ballads which is truly Umami style! A tech-house track, with such tasteful elements is the essence of the underground; it will keep you dancing throughout the night..
  • EP on label Burlesque Musique

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