Marphi’s Top 10 picks for 2013

2013 is coming to a close. Therefore a top 10 listing is essential. Im going to keep this one brief in writing and let the music to the talking.

10. Claes Rosen – Daydreaming
Local Talk have a good habit of always releasing a feel good track each year. Last year it was HNNY this time it is Claes Rosen’s turn


9. Maceo Plex – Love Jam
It’s not everyday that a free download sneaks it’s way in on a top 10 list


8. 2013 most emotional track without a doubt


7. My new found label this year. Oh how i love this release


6. Not everyday you can play a peak time track that goes below 120 bpm


5. Pretty sure this will be on a lot of best of listing this year, but a great track is a great track


4. If Happy House would be a genre, this would be the anthem


3. This one is probably the track theme song for the summer. It’s just so damn good.


2. Bodikka surely does not need any introduction. Quality over quantity


1. Dungeon Meat – The fuck off track. All I’ve got to say is that i feel sorry for you people that don’t own a turntable. Without a doubt the best track that came out 2013

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