Tim Paris – Golden Ratio EP – My Favorite Robot Records (Out May 6th)


The ever more prominent and influential My Favorite Robot Records here serve up their next offering, this time a heartfelt electronic lullaby, Golden Ratio, from Tim Paris featuring the dulcet vocals of Georg Levin, one half of Wahoo (along with Dixon) and complete with three wisely commissioned remixes from San Fran’s John Tejada and Villanova.

The original is a rare thing of beauty in the electronic world. Everything contrives to sooth your mind and take you to a blissful place, from the rippling bass guitar riffs down low to the trilling finger plucks in the mid ground. Subtle synth lines sound sun frazzled as they weave between real sounding drums and of course, the icing on the cake is the crystal clear vocal that floats above everything. Golden Ratio is a true electronic pop song that walks a perfect line between underground sensibilities and heartfelt musicality.

The first of the remixes comes from Kompakt associate and production veteran John Tejada. Given his long career in crafting polished metal melodies and crisp tech house beats across a number of EPs and LPs he is a perfect choice to turn the track into something a little more dancefloor ready. The vulnerable and heartfelt vibe of the original remains but the kicks are that bit more proud and the melodies are strip to shiny little phrases throughout. Tejada also provides a voice-less instrumental version for those darker club sessions.

The final remix comes from Villanova, a young duo of producers from Marseille who came together in a shared passion of analogical synths. The remix they turn in is a more turbulent brew of growling basslines, off time percussive hits and blasts of horn. It’s minimal and introspective and really pulls you into the track throughout its course.

This might be Tim Paris’ first release for a while, but it proves he has lost none of the unique invention that made him such a force in the first place on the French scene and with his debut album ‘Dancers’ in the pipeline for summer 2013 through MFRR, there is much to look forward to.

Enjoy!! //Jesper Aubin

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