Tempelhof – Frozen Dancers L.P [Hell Yeah Recordings – November 15th]

Italian’s Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani are well known for creating lush electronic soundscapes under the name Tempelhof. They released their debut album four years ago, and now they are back with the follow up ”Frozen Dancers LP” on Hell Yeah Recordings. We’re invited on a musical journey through shoe-gazing electronica, mellow melodies, delicate vocals and heavily compressed beats.

This is also a journey through different moods and frames of mind. The nine-track album starts of with the melodic piece ”Drake” that slowly progresses into a more percussion driven but still very harmonic affair. In ”Monday is back” the duo goes on a more melanholic path with deep pads, gentle drum patterns and wistful vocals.

”Change” move towards breakbeat with synth stabs reminding me of old school techno, while the fantastic ”Nothing at the Horizon” brings us back to the dreamy side with sweeping, luscious pads and fragile vocals. ”Sinking Nation” keeps the mood of the previous track and treats us with beautiful, layered melodies and subtle beats to create a hymn of happiness.

”She can’t forgive” is a darker organic piece with anxious vocals, unsettled synths and forward moving beats while ”The Dusk” goes off in a more club oriented direction with a steady 4/4 beat combined with acid basslines and retro pads. ”Skateboarding at night” lowers the pace with its dark, sad vocals and almost suicidal atmosphere before ”Running dog” ends the album with soothing melodies and prominent percussion.

This is a beautifully crafted LP that should be enjoyed in one full sitting. Tempelhof certainly knows how to combine melodies, beats and vocals into awe-inspiring music. But this is more than just music – it’s art!


1. Drake
2. Monday Is Back
3. Change
4. Nothing At The Horizon
5. Sinking Nation
6. She Can’t Forgive
7. The Dusk
8. Skateboarding At Night
9. Running Dog

Buy on Bandcamp: http://hellyeahrec.bandcamp.com/album/tempelhof-frozen-dancers

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