Techno Release: KAB – Reconnect [Make a Beautiful Corpse]


2013 seems to turn out a great year for Malmö techno heritage. Möllan based KAB, an abbreviation of his name Karl-Axel Bissler, has been active since the early 90’s and, back then, released on the renowned NovaMute label along with artists such as Richie Hawtin (Plastikman), Speedy J, and Luke Slater.

KAB Music can be experienced either through the little white earbuds in a crowded bus as well as in the total freedom of the open nature. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are ready to open yourself up a little bit, “Reconnect” and “Receive and Transmit” will bring you to a wonderful place inside you. It seems to work just as great on the dancefloor as the EP went straight into the Beatport Techno Top 10 list on same week it was released.

Make a beautiful Corpse is a label run by Minilogue and Carolina Acosta. The music released here should be loaded with feelings, organic/acoustic sounds, warmth and be very alive, finding its way close to the heart of the listener.

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