Space Echo / Manhooker – Soul Power / Pushin’ & Shovin [Double vinyl release on Luv Shack Records.]

The double vinyl release we’ve been hanging on the edge of the scene for is finally here. Brought to you by the forward thinking Luv Shack Records label out of Vienna. The Luv011 bundles together two excellent house releases by two promising and up-and-coming European producers – Space Echo and the Manhooker.

For the Space Echo (caTekk and Lee Stevens) the first track of their debut release is Soul Power – a sample dig back into the 60s and 70s sound of US funk, soul and then disco scene, with superfunky guitars and a soulbrother speaking the truth about soul being what we really need. It’s a proper club burner that will see many dancefloors raise their fists in the air. The flipside is somewhat more chilled, smoother and less stressful. Soul People also samples a cut-up soul music vocal from back in the days, but in a more female and laidback way making this the perfect track to play for the sunset at your local beach club in Goa this winter.

The Luv011 release comes bundled with Manhooker – Pushin’ & Shovin. Manhooker are two Berlin based producers known as Sebastian “Mavin” Magassouba and Tomasz “Guiddo” Switala. Their track record includes appearances on Sonar Kollektiv and Ostguts sublabel Underton. For Luv Shack debute they’ve prepared a vocal track that starts as a proper acid house tune with analogue sounding 808s and 303s and then slowly transforming into a somewhat more modern vocal house story. Keep an eye for that dreamy saxophone that appears in the end completing the soundscape. The release comes with a somewhat more tribal, percussion driven and somewhat progressive remix by ROTCIV.

Top quality all in all. Get the both vinyls on Luv Shacks Band Camp page. Support your local and global Wax pushers. Released on 11th of october so grab one while they last.

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