Soundcloud picks of the the week: Amann in Music, Bowyer Hawks, Michael Jacksson, Oli Furness


First out this week is Amann Berrouiguet who goes under moniker Amman in Music. The french, Grans-based producer sing in English over his own tracks. Sunrise is as good, as summer smelling and and as french house pop as it gets. Best I’ve heard since Phoenix, maybe better.

Bowyer Hawks - All the Way

Here we have another french connection. Actually a swedish producer called Bowyer Hawks who live half of the year in Paris. The upcoming laid back deep house release on Raw Matter recordings, France got a mile-deep bass, floating chords and a ghostly voice pondering over some very dark thoughts.


We see dozens of bootlegs send to us as “promo only” every day. But this one sticks out like a rainbow in the world of gray. Remixing Michael Jackson puts quite a load of pressure on the expect result. But the Slinky Glamour of Peru based Blankhaus records succeeds exceptionally well. Even though I would prefer Michael’s original voice rather than this extremely pitched down version. Available as free download on the 22nd of May.


We travel back in time on our music journey, to the house sound of Chicago in the late 80s. Or at least one might think so. The first 12″ release on Manchester based No Dough Music feels like an instant classic despite being released May 2013. With the classic “dance-til-you-drop” synth line, Need a Friend sounds like the early work of Frankie Knuckles or Inner City. Yet with a modern long player arrangement.

James Welsh brings it a step deeper and adds additional vocals. The B-side is another piano driven house production called End of a beginning including and a lovely remix by Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe.


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