Rui Da Silva – Full Circle EP [Kismet Records Sep 30th 2013]


House veteran Rui Da Silva returns to his own Kismet Records imprint with this release, featuring two original tracks from the Portuguese producer. Da Silva, now based in the UK,  has been a major player in the house scene for more than 20 years now and has delivered nothing less than high quality house grooves throughout his career.
Return to the city” kicks of this EP. It’s a solid and straight forward production with a moody, dark and somewhat melancholic atmosphere. Definately not a big room ”hands in the air” tune, but with its minimalistic groove, deep bassline and filtered vocal samples it’s the perfect track for a more underground setting.
”Journey D Mix” is the flip side choice. It’s a more energetic cut, but with the same moody ambience as the previous track. It starts of on the basic side of house but develops with heavier percussion, progressive synths and dynamic vocal samples.
This EP is a solid underground house release and shows of the diversity of Rui Da Silva. These are not tracks for sunsets on ibiza or dreamy walks along the shoreline, but for a dark and sweaty underground context.

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