Romanthony – Ministry of Love [Remix Package with Andrés, Ejeca, Andre Crom, Kevin Mckay and Mirrors – Glashow Underground]


If people don’t know me – it’s ok” – Romanthony for Slices magazine March 2009.

Romanthony – one of US’s most talented producers ( / singers / songwriters) passed away barely two months ago. But the music keeps on living, as Ministry of Love gets proper remix treatment by Andrés, Ejeca, Andre Crom, Kevin Mckay and Mirrors on Glasgow Underground.

Romanthony – the legendary yet publicity shy veteran house music producer and singer gets remixed top names of today. The man behind Wanderer, Hold On and Bring U UP avoided public appearances and interviews (feeling he didn’t deserve the media attention) except for a very few exceptions. Romanthony who digged deeper, back in time before Marshall Jefferson and Frankie Knuckles and quoted Stevie wonder, Marwin Gay, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Eagles as his major influences.

Romanthony who said that his voice was his most powerful instrument  is also the man that sang the vocals for Daft Punk’s One More Time – a move that shoot him into a care free living-off-the-royality for many years. Still no interviews and no photo appearances. Until the first interview by Kevin McKay in 1997. The same Kevin McKay now runs the Glasgow Underground label now releasing the Ministry of Love remixes. Roman quitely passed away just a bit more than a month ago, dying of a kidney decease, quitely in his family house in Austin Texas.

The remixes gathered by the Glasgow Underground were sent to pressing plant just before Romanthony’s sudden departure. The house music world mourns on, yet the music has to play. The remixes are now ready to be released, hit the clubs, unfortunately without their originators being here to hear them play.

All the remixes are great and thought-through productions. Instead of describing them with 30 cliche adjectives I’ll let you tune in and judge for yourself.  The “back to acid” remix by Kevin Mckay is doubtlessly my favorite one here.

Ministry of Love remixes part 1

Ministry of Love remixes part 2

Kevin McKay – the label boss of Glasgow underground managed to interiew Romanthony back in 1997 wher working for Muzik Magazine: Muzik Mag November 1997

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“It’s not about money, it’s about  human lives, it’s not about the money, it’s about the human beings being able to grow” – Romanthony – Hold on 1994

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