Rimbaudian’s Top 10 from 2012 [Techno / House ]


2012 belonged to the British. Especially, two blokes who went through a rapid process of acknowledgement and respect around the world – Blawan and Pariah. This is not to shed less light on the others featured in this list, for 2012 offered such a curious mix of development of techno and house into different directions.

Several artists belonging to a wide range of labels had releases which will undoubtedly transcend 2012 and echo on into the future. Some will already be known to most of those who read this, but there are a few that might have just escaped the vigilant eyes of you deep house/techno-heads out there.

Order is not of importance:

1) Madteo – Rugrats Don’t Techno for an Answer

Fresh, raw, and insanely addictive track.

2) Blawan – Tuesday’s March

Stomping, harsch, fresh, relentlessly deep. Tuesday’s March is an absolute stunner surging of Birmingham- and Detroit-influences. Blawan’s performance in 2012 is a battle won for all the analogue-lovers out there, and Tuesday’s March is in line with the range of impressive releases we saw coming from Blawan.

3) Pariah – Signal Loss

An intricate display of melancholy between soothing distortions, filtered piano chords and insisting beats which engulfs one in an absolute state of awe. A timeless peace which positively drips of London’s drowsy atmosphere.

4) Abdulla Rashim – Endasilasie 3

Deep, hypnotic, ingenious. Rashim continues to impress.

5) John Roberts – Paper Frames

Dial Records-artist who still manages to find ways to develop an already unique approach and style. Such a wondrous tune.


6) Legowelt – On the Tiger Train

The God of arpeggiated bass-lines and melodies still commands the ragtag/lofi-spectrum of techno. A personal favorite of mine who’s “Paranormal Soul” from 2012 is a must-have.


7) Real Cool -Reality Begins

“Up, right”. A highly efficient use of chopped vocal samples, and a stunning warmth of piano chords which leaves the listener so mesmerizingly at ease. Reality Begins from Geography Records is a track that will be played for a long time to come, and one definite favorite from 2012.

8) Karenn – A Room Full of Fuck All

The title says it all. Blawan + Pariah = 2012 in a nutshell.

9) Xosar – Elixir of Dreams

I’m not entirely sure I grasp the entire scope of how this track affects me. Hypnotic, funky, Detroit-melancholia with a sprinkle of a the same optimism I get from watching old and cheesy 20-second commercials from Italy. 2013 should keep an eye out for Xosar.

10) Christian Löffler – A Forest

Löffler’s ability to forge concise, complex and luscious harmonies continued throughout 2012, with “A Forest” standing out as a piece to remember. Nostalgic and romantic, yet lending itself a respectable and uncontroversial originality of sound.

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