Release: Rey & Kjavik – Don’t be afraid (Including El_Txef_A Remixes) [Out on BY Awake]

Magnús Rey and Ísak Kjavik aka Rey & Kjavik – one of house scene’s most anonymous duos are back at it again. This time tag-teamed up with another long time favorite – Aitor Etxebarria aka El_Txef_A. 

The original track lands in the house / synth pop crate somewhere in the deep valley between the Depeche Mode dark vocal synth and Maceo Plex older productions. The basque country production hero El_Txef_A strips deconstructs and rebuilds the track in the whole new way, with a magic break, more focus on the vocals and a an analogue sytnh that sends you around the moon and back. The analogue version is built with a live acoustic guitar, a live kick drum and the original vocals. Simple. Less is more.

You can buy the whole shebang at Beatport. Unfortunately there is no vinyl available. 🙁

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