Promo: Nhan Solo – Scary People [Aug 1st, Mother Recordings]


Nhan Solo is a producer who’s been slowly but surely making a name for himself recently, not just through his work on imprints such as 2DIY4, OFF and The House of Disco, but also as the head honcho of his own Mother Recordings imprint. Here, he follows up his own releases for the label with his latest endeavour; the quite magnificent sounds of ”Scary People”.

And in spite of its somewhat ominous name, the title track is anything but scary. Instead, it draws the listener in through a quite emphatic, elongated, bulbous bassline, with Hollis P Monroe’s sporadic, R&B inspired vocals proving an unlikely but ultimately enjoyable marriage. Positive, energy-fueled fare that’s sure to ignite any sort of dancefloor.

Our old friend french friend Damien Russel aka The Mekanism goes far darker with his remix, with the atmosphere taken down a considerable notch and instead leaning on the b-line and a wealth of claps and snares to bring the emotion. The deep textures served up around the half-way point are mesmerising though, acting as the perfect foil to the preceding lyrics. The Black 80s complete the eclectic package, with the jazzy chords and underlying keys adding an added dose of flair to the equation.

Out on Mother Recordings Aug 1st.
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