Promo: Cocoon 100 [September 9th]


Sven Väth’s Cocoon label started out as an outlet where young producers could release their music without depending on major label structures. Even though that is still their outspoken philosophy they have grown into a major player and a huge brand on the electronic music scene. For example, it’s impossible to talk about Cocoon without mentioning their infamous Ibiza club nights.

But well, back to the label. The imprint hits 100 releases and instead of compiling a ”best of” compilation they deliver this double disc filled with new, exclusive tunes showcasing the label’s view of how techno should sound like.

Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Pig & Dan, Legowelt, Timo Maas and Dominik Eulberg are just a few of the producers showcased on this gem. It’s all about high quality techno with an open mind for a genre that often expands into new and exciting musical territories. From the minimalistic ”No more” by Sante & Frank Lorber and a somewhat wacky ”Invisibles activists” by Electric Rescue to Legowelt’s atmospheric piece ”In the dawn of light” and Secret Cinemas faster paced ”Supertek”.

Extrawelt’s ”Windschatten” is a personal favourite. With enchanting melodies, elusive rhythms and hypnotic stereo effects it’s a track that stands out from the rest. Extrawelt’s heritage from the psychadelic scene (as The Delta, Midimiliz and Spirallianz) shines through in most of their productions, which is a good thing.

Another superb track is ”When the wild horse” by german producer Nick Curly. A slick production with a clear beat, funky bassline and acid’ish synths. It build up really nicely and gets you moving in no time.

A third favourite is a hard one to spell and pronounce. Dominik Eulberg’s ”Das Ibizenkische Wohlfuhlaroma” (no idea what it means) is a melodic but danceable beauty with acid basslines, lush pads and melodies created with the reverb button turned on. Or in short – it sounds like Eulberg.

Tracklisting: Vinyl
A: Ricardo Villalobos – Arild
B1: Lawrence – Serpentine
B2: Nick Curly – When The Wild Horse
C: Loco Dice – Slow Moves
D1: Recognition – 100 Times
D2: Andre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh – Beetle
E1:  Secret Cinema – Supertek
E2: Pig & Dan – Lonely Symphony
F: Extrawelt – Windschatten
Tracklisting: CD
CD 1
1. Lawrence – Serpentine
2. Ricardo Villalobos – Arild
3. Nick Curly – When The Wild Horse
4. Sante & Frank Lorber – No More feat. Alland Byallo
5. Legowelt – In The Dawn Of Light
6. Minilogue – Kana
7. Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov – Superconductor
8. Extrawelt – Windschatten
CD 2
1. Popof – Hangover
2. Andre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh – Beetle
3. Timo Maas – Pop A Bubble Flat
4. Loco Dice – Slow Moves
5. Dominik Eulberg – Das Ibizenkische Wohlfühlaroma
6. Pig & Dan – Lonely Symphony
7. Secret Cinema – Supertek
8. Electric Rescue – Invisibles Activists
9. Recognition – 100 Times


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