Preview: Matt John – The Keys [Album Cocoon May 27th]

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German producer, Matt John, makes his full package debut for Cocoon Recordings May the 27th, with ‘The Keys’ LP, following his contribution to ‘The Blue Storm’ on the labels ‘Compilation K’ album.

Matt John – The River


Matt John found fame in the hey day of the stripped, minimalistic electronic music movement of the 2000’s, releasing original works and remixes for the likes of Minus, Perlon, and Bar25, a label born out of the Berlin- based nightclub of the same name, where John was a resident DJ. This residency opened up the opportunity for John to showcase his twisted, hypnotic style to the open-minded souls of the city and hone in on what would become his signature sound on display throughout this package.

The unique style and vibe of Matt John is displayed from the get go with ‘Interview’, built around tight analogue drums, spoken word vocals and drawn-out, echoing effects that built an intense atmosphere full of depth. ‘Angel’ follows, employing direct 808 rhythms and reverse string melodies resulting in a dark and hedonistic vibe. John’s twisted vibes are brought to the forefront in ‘Monogram’, which features his signature bleeped out, glitchy style. The vibrant, Jazzy tones of ‘The River featuring Marc Lorbeer’ veer things in a more musical direction with evolving piano progressions, while ‘Ocean Inside’ embraces a more contemporary aesthetic with dubby touches, ethereal synths and gritty low-end tones.

Matt John – Britz Wind


My Pocket’ follows, tipping its focus towards a more percussive-led style, with sprinklings of jazz also thrown into the mix for good measure. Title track ‘The Keys’ employs crunchy drums, bulbous sub-bass and preachy vocals uttering ‘enter the signs of today’. ‘Britz Wind’ takes things deeper, indicating the winding down of the LP, while track nine ‘The Surf Owl’ further displays John’s ability to create the bizarre in amongst the beautiful, featuring melting pot of heavy beats and synthesized bird-sounds, a creation that undeniably unique and forward thinking.

Today’ opts for a moody arpeggiated style bass line as its driving force while murmuring vocal lines and penetrating guitar licks create a distinctive electronic workout. Last up to close the release is ‘Froydish’ a hypnotic cut with sounds that follow a more contemporary direction, forming a soft and warm ending for a heavy album.

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