Nicola Cruz – Noise Within Us EP [MEXA019] – Oct. 28, 2013

The 19th release under the Mexicali based label, MEXA Records, starts with the dark house groove that’s faithfully carried many of us until sunrise. A haunting duet encourages you to give in while a slew of buzzing and flowing synths keep things eerily moving deeper and darker. “Noise Within Us” is probably the most dancefloor friendly track of the release.

“What You Mean To Me,” the EP’s second offering provides a jumble of sound and audible texture to assert its purpose; create a movable deep house beat by any means necessary. This is the swiss army knife beat of the EP, no doubt.

“Part Of Them” is the percussion obsessed/tonal playground/hypnotic beat of the bunch. The final, and arguable most interesting, track of the EP is called, “La Llorona,” which if you’re familiar with Mexican folklore is about a wailing woman who wanders the halls looking for her dead children. As a native of Los Angeles (and Mexican through and through), just hearing the name sends goosebumps racing down my arms; an added bonus when listening to a well crafted down tempo, vocal-led track.

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