Murphy Jax – Teleport: Echo City [Chiwax – 4th September]

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Berlin based producer Murphy Jax has released successful tracks on labels such as Clone Records, My favorite robot and Turbo Recordings. He is a man with a love for melodies and vocals, and his style ranges from house and acid to disco.

”Teleport: Echo City” is released on the Frankfurt based Chiwax imprint, and it’s his first full length album with 15 tracks in various electronic styles and genres.

Jax tells us the story of the album. ‘’Imagine a pre-apocalyptic generation of robots on a planet of machines. This is the last generation before the big war against the darkness, slowly coming from space. Some groups are fighting each other in chaos, others party before everything seems to end and lots of them don’t know – yet, but they all dream of Echo City. The one and only safe point, founded by Dr. Nigel Echo in the deep, cold and blue core of the planet. Dreams, desires, rebellion and chaos. They’re all going to fight the coming darkness, united by the prince of nanomagica. Taking place at several different locations, we are looking into the last hours before it all begins and ends at the same time.’’

It’s a complicated storyline, but the actual tracks are less advanced. I would call the productions on this album basic, and at times even a bit too basic and simple. The old school drum machines and synths are present throughout the entire album, and there are times when I get a bit bit bored even though the tracks vary in style.

But, there are a couple of highlights worth mentioning. ”Dr Nigel Echo” is a melodic piece reminding me of how trance used to sound like in 1994. A lot of atmosphere together with sleek acid synths creates an interesting track with dreamy melodies and a lot of energy. Another absorbing track is ”Funksquelch”. It’s an old school techno production with quirky rhythms, wild percussion and a delicate acid touch. It should be enough to make most dance floors go wild. Check it out! Unfortunately this album won’t make it to my playlist. But if you’re a hardcore fan of classic Roland drum machines and stripped down productions – then go ahead and have a listen!

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