Mjutah – Nebula EP [Concorde Club Recordings December the 9th]


In space no one will here you play music. Unless it’s spaced out dubby deep house signed Mjutah. The two Berlin based (where else?) gentlemen deliver a stunning four track semi-ambient semi-deep house EP to die for. Released on the somewhat anonymous Berlin based (Where else?) label Concorde Club Recordings

First out is Nebula definitely the “heaviest” track on the EP. With a deep bassline, occasionally reverbed and filtered out bassy synthesizers, carefully interlaced with thought Through breaks that every time introduce a bunch on new sound elements. The kick constantly chased by a hasty high hat keep moving things forward.

Solaris got the sweet rolling bass and a gentle kick guiding you forward through the track. Sharp broken glass sounds are counting the bars for you. The female vocals remind both of Tiesto tracks from late 90s as well as of modern classics signed The Climbers, etc…

Orbit is the big favorite here somewhat groovier, somewhat more dance friendly, yet still a warm up track to get the party started. It evolves with more elements and background vocals over the course of the track making even the most moody listeners start to nod their head to the rhythm.

The EP wraps up with a deep house track Moonlight, a steady kick line and percussion built up to the bass to the chords dropping in at 1:10 accomplished by a squeaky, playful synthesizer. The vocals coming at 2:00 work well, but could as well be left out.

The vocals on Moonlight and Solaris are delivered by Laura Stavinoha. The Nebula EP will definitely be a sure player at many underground parties early next year. At least at our end.

Artist: Mjutah
Title: Nebula
Label: Concorde Club Recordings Format: Digital
Digital Release Date: 09.12.2013
Cat No: CONCLU015

1. Mjutah – Nebula (Original Mix)
2. Mjutah – Solaris (Original Mix)
3. Mjutah – Orbit (Original Mix)
4. Mjutah – Moonlight (Original Mix)

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