Mental Overdrive – CYCLS Album [Love od communication, December 21st]

Per Martinsen aka Mental Overdrive, is a Norwegian electronic music producer. He is one of the most influential and productive artists in that genre in Norway. On December 21st, one year anniversary of the end of the world, Mental Overdrive releases ‘CYCLS’ on his own label ‘Love od communications’. Some of the tracks are a little too experimental and futuristic, at least for the dance floor. But a couple of them are really soft, smooth and melodic. They have that special touch of seduction that makes you want to listen again and again for example ‘Trollhunter’, ‘Sunstorm’ and ‘Damascus’.

Press release:

CAT NO: LoD1307


‘CYCLS’ is Per Martinsen’s 9th album under his Mental Overdrive moniker (that is if you count in his ‘silent’ album ‘Unplugged’, his live-only album ‘ANTI-LBM’, and ‘The Phuture that never happened’ – the Smalltown Supersound compilation of EP’s initially released through R&S Records – which you should). Per Martinsen has been releasing records, creating remixes and doing live shows under his Mental Overdrive moniker ever since his first release for R&S Records – the ‘12000 AD’ EP – back in 1990. Over the last years he has released several albums for Smalltown Supersound, a series of 12″ for Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp imprint, and a string of EP’s on his own label Love OD Communications. He has also been preoccupied with creating transmedia art projects, writing scores for old Russian silent movies and producing a new Frost album with his partner – all the while carefully monitoring the melting of the ice-cap in the magic illumination provided by the northern lights – after relocating to his native Tromsø in 2008. The tracks on CYCLS were initially made available through his own Bandcamp page as a kind of ‘advent calendar’ for the ‘Mayan end date’ of December 21st 2012; a new track was posted each Monday in the weeks counting down to what some believed was to be the end of the world. Having previously lived through the ‘Year 2k-scare’, ‘The Rapture’, and numerous other ‘end-dates’ launced by small indie purveyors of the truth, Martinsen wanted – through the album title – to suggest that there is no absolute deadline to this existence, no matter how much some people seems to require one, but rather that everything runs in cycles – like good vinyl records. The album is released through his own Love OD Communications imprint, and a vinyl version will also be available – including a selection of tracks from the album chosen by the public. CYCLS will be released on the one year anniversary of the end of the world – on December 21st 2013.


1. A fireball, it is red, the sky looks black about it
2. Trollhunter
3. Sunstorm
4. Damascus
5. Quarks
6. Dada Urka
7. Kollaps
8. Systems
9. Liverpool Street
10. Beaches


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