Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp – Down For This EP [Off Recordings 75 – November]

Label: OFF Recordings
Artist: Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp
Titel: Down For This EP (Incl. Dirty Channels Remix)
Catalog: OFF075
Release date: November 2013
Track List:
1. Down For This
2. Beneath The Moon
3. Down For This (Dirty Channels Remix)

German production duo Mat.Joe are no strangers at OFF Recordings. This time they team up with Kevin Knapp, a well-known vocalist, producer and DJ in Berlin. Without a doubt, OFF Recordings knows and understands true house music. The “Down For This EP” is just another evidence for this.

A bouncing rhythm and male vocal forcing you to ”go ahead, get down with this”, bends over a perfect layer of kicks, hi-hats and groovy bass. The title track is made to make you move. As the track progress, every vein inside my body is filled with the flood of sin, just plain dirty house. This is a powerful house track that will be in many DJ’s bags this winter.

The remix has been smeared with greasy, dirty, underground fingers. I hope that Dirty Channels never clean there hands again. This is just hypnotic sickness at it’s best. Darker then the original and with a ”slap-in-the-face” synth groove and genuine Detroit claps to stab my heart. I’m in love! This will be one of my top tracks for 2013. Underground is not a sound, but if it was this would be the example used in the school books.

The second track on this EP by Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp is a deep house experience that doesn’t do it as much for me. Slick and sleazy. Being a feminist, this might be like punching my own face. But as most DJ:s knows, you start of with the tracks that get’s the girls moving. ”Beneath The Moon” truly is such a track. It flows with grace and touches the R’n’B genre with a great vocal work by Kevin Knapp and beautiful electric piano line. This is a good track that will work early hours.
Verdict: 8/10

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