Mass Digital – Feel So Good EP [Audio Tonic Nov 25th]

Boris Mijolic aka Mass Digital is a young producer based out of Novi Sad in Serbia. Racking up releases on labels as Frequenza Limited, Neurotraxx and Pacha Recordings, he’s been surfing the abyss between house and techno infused with a melodic synth-popish touch. With the latest release Mass Digital joins the Audio Tonic imprint, one of the top underground labels in the United Arab Emirates.

The single opens with title cut ‘Feel So Good’, a dropped tempo, chuggy number built around rock- sturdy drums, an acid-tinged bass hook, heavily delayed entrancing melodies and female vocals uttering the track title. Mijolic builds up the groove in a progressive fashion subtly tweaking the envelope of the synthesized elements riding on  a punchy low-slung kick.

The B-side ‘Never Find Love’ takes on a more upfront, even more progressive approach this time with insistent drum programming and an infectious, encapsulating bass hook driving things.  This track will definetely be played many time at Audio Tonic Records home turf – the 360o Club. But are the synths slightly off-tune? You tell me.

Mass Digital’s ‘Feel So Good’ EP is out Audio Tonic Records 25th November 2013 (Beatport Exclusive) and 9th November 2013 (Digitally Worldwide).

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