Markus Homm & Leo Leal – Space Cowboy [Cullodo – 1st September]

Space Cowboy

Markus Homm and Leo Leal prepare some lovely dancefloor friendly deep space disco on the Space Cowboy EP. Space Cowboy will be released on Swiss Cullodo label on September the 1st. Martin Platino remix is my fav. The bassline and the kick that drops in after the first minibreak (2:18) would work magic on the Panorama Bar soundsystem. Spy is somewhat darker and more minimalistic.

German house producer Markus Homm teams up with a Mexican native Leo Leal here to serve up a delicious, deep house EP for fledgling Swiss label Cullodo. With plenty of charted tracks in their respective back catalogues, the duo make a fine pairing, opting for stripped back yet emotive deep house that just rolls and rolls.

”Space Cowboy” is first up, and is buried deep down below the surface with a rubbery kick drum propelling the track along. Above that are icy hi hat ringlets and distant swirling pads, both of which add a nice sense of scale way off on the horizon. It’s economic but efficient, and is a perfect piece of music to warm up any dancefloor. Once said dancefloor is a bit sweatier, then the Martin Patino remix will come in handy. A little less studiously restrained, it leans more toward tech pastures, but is laced up with some vibey samples, a massive kick and astute and busy synth work.

Finally, ”Spy” dives deep back down into the trenches to a place that’s all grey and concrete, to-ing and fro-ing invitingly, and teasing with the sort of gentle pads that ooze a late night cool. Fantastic stuff.

Track Listing:
1) Markus Homm & Leo Leal – Space Cowboy
2) Markus Homm & Leo Leal – Space Cowboy (Martin Patino Remix)
3) Markus Homm & Leo Leal – Spy

Label: Coludo Records
Release date: September 1st 2013.


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