Marbert Rocel – Remixes [13th September – 12″ Compact]


Marbert Rocel – Leipzig’s best kept elektropop secret gets a proper remix treatment. The original 12″ vinyl contains Cause Of Loving remixed by Marek Hemmann, a competely amazing slowed down remix of Lax Sax by Philipp Stoya,  Panther Krause rework of The Temple and last but not least a trippy break beat Talksi remix on Cause Of Loving.

Bonus downloadable tracks: I Wanna remxed by Heitzberg Theorem and Pete Bandit and Jason Shae together lifting up The Temple with a very solid Pianomix.

Being Leipzig’s best kept secret the band describes their music as an ongoing production kanvas where one band member paints a bit and then looks out of the window, while the next member adds some music composition to the first draft. They’ve been a lot on the road lately playing live semi-electronica at festivals and clubs in Germany, Holland, Italy , Poland, indoors, outdoors, on the roofs, in the basements. According to themselves, sometime they lift their live ballads to a house / techno bpm of 130.

The original band are:
spunk on vocal and melodica
malik: on mpc, also producing and mixing
martin kohlstedt playing the rhodes and ms 2000
panthera krause: sax, producing, artwork and now also a remixer.

About Alex Esser:

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