Machine Life – Nothing makes it right [1st January 2014]

The 2014 is getting closer and closer. So close that the first singles to be released in 2014 are starting to appear in this feed.

Machine Life is a New York based band that smoothly combines a band performance with a live DJ (Ableton?) elements and live vocals. Really it all builds up around a deep live bass, well programmed percussion and the lovely voice of April Acerno. Keep an eye on this guys.

The package comes with three remixes. A dubby, techy rework by Harris and Lucubras, a jungle stomper by Crumbs and Milk Lighta and finally an old school, over-happy, chicago house version by Lil April. The orignal is still the most playable one imho as a night-ender in your DJ-create.

Craig Harris – bass
April Acerno – lead vocals
Yanal Kazan – guitar
Tay Samiz – keyboards


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