Ly ChenG – Dirty Games [Blank Haus KHN05]


Don’t judge the book by it’s cover – the wise saying goes. It’s also important not to judge the EP by it’s cover art. Despite the cheezy, post-nuclear, pink artwork the Blank Haus 05 release brings 4 top notch deep house track. Dreaming being the most suitable for dancefloor sessions and When Life Breaks down demonstrating the broad array of Ly ChenG’s studio skills. Ly ChenG is based in Peru. That’s pretty much everything we know about him 🙂

Ly Cheng’s debut EP is full of deep drums and gentle basslines reminding us a belle époque where deep house was a hard and joyful delight to hear.

This old school oriented production has subtle touches of techno, gaining a very high contrast in some beats, sometimes dirty, sometimes subtle, a vast range of unexpected changes has made a clearly distinctive sign of Ly Cheng’s unique style.

Release Date: June 25

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