Lights out [Club Lyset, Lund, December 13th]

If you are a student you don’t always have the economy or possibility to go to clubs in Malmö or in Copenhagen. But it doesn’t have to stop you to have the opportunity to go to a club with really good house and techno music. Club Lyset have made that possible for students! On December 13th they have invited two experienced techno DJs who are well known in Lund and Malmö; Matt Busse and Karan Shah for an underground techno event.

Karan Shah started DJing in 2006. A couple of years later Karan also began to produce music which he seems to have great talent for but the big breakthrough is yet to come. Since Karan started his DJ carreer he has been very busy with performances at different clubs in Malmö and Lund but also in Berlin and at Amsterdam Dance Event. Karan plays great techno with a lot of bass but with a huge finesse and flow.

Matt Busse started working as a DJ in 2004 and in 2006 he began to produce music. During the years Matt have also been occupied with arranging various well visited techno events in Lund. Matt previously moved back from Amsterdam where he lived and worked with music. Now he will, hopefully, show us what he learned over there. Matts music is recognized as being dark heavy techno.

Warm up for the evening is DJ Joseph Erterius. Joseph have actually a career in the military. However one of his interests, and so has been for many years, is to DJing. Joseph will give the audience delicate mixed tech house music and he will most definitely start up the dance floor!

When Shah vs Busse goes on stage you can expect high quality techno music, mixed and delivered with great skills. If you are living nearby Lund, and are a student, it’s a must go! Be ready to dance all night long!

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