Label launch: Unlearn with Chris Mitchell – Eyedeal EP [NLRN001 – November 7th]

Unlearn is a brand new label launched out of Paris. It might sound like a fresh start, but the people behind it have been in the scene for quite a while. Unlearn label is co-run by Raphael Cesario – former 1/2 of the french house duo The Mekansim and Auréle Castel. Auréle comes the promoter background, his latest job was with The Strøm festival in Copenhagen.

The labels first release features US born Chris Mitchell, a familiar face in the house and techno scenes, both as a reknown producer and the Vanguard Sound label boss. Eyedeal is one banging techno tune with an acid touch that will certainly give that necessary energy boost to many peak hour dancefloors. Yet my favorite is without a doubt the somewhat more smooth housy interpretation by XDB.

Caj is darker, deep with a characteristic snare that will keep many awake through the after hours. And a bassy synth that kicks in just when you need it. And finally the Bubblin wraps up the whole package as a truly experimental, analogue sounding techno piece.

The release comes on vinyl only in 300 limited copies, carefully handstamped one by one. The blue and white artwork is made with a traditional cyanotype photografying technic.

Unlearns mission is about emancipating oneself, and the listeners from conditioning – of education, society, or pure consumption: changing perspectives in order to understand things in their most authentic form without any exterior biases. “Through notions such as oversight & deconstruction, Unlearn is willing to open to unexpected alternatives, overtaking acquired values. It stands free from accumulated knowledge and established constraints, mixing up the senses of perception by means of a unique artistic universe and creative vision.”

Let wish this young Parisian label all the luck in the future.

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