Jonsson / Alter – 2 [Vinyl, Kontra Musik]

The producers Henrik Jonsson (Porn Sword Tobacco, Gunnar Jonsson) and Joel Alter (Jor-El) met each other by accident in Berlin a few years ago. They started working together and soon they had enough material for a full length album. In 2011 Jonsson & Alter released the debut album ”Mod” on swedish label Kontra Musik.

The first album was more or less a coincidence, whereas there is more planning behind the second one, simply called ”2”. Joel Alter describes the process; ”The plan was definitely to release a well-produced album with clearer beats. The first album was mixed with speakers from the computer in my bedroom. This time everything is recorded and mixed in a proper studio. The production sounds much better and more dynamic”.

The result is a brilliant 9 track album with a lot of atmosphere, crisp beats and shiny melodies.

The intro track ”Lyftet” puts us in the right mood with dream like soundscapes hovering above a gentle beat and bassline. Next is the massive vocal treatment ”Brevet”. Singer Kazumi takes centre stage with her melancholic and beautiful voice on top of a distinct groove, guitar plucks and sweeping synths. Well done!

”En melodi” is an old school sounding melodic house track with a happy, acoustic feel to it, while ”Jimi” moves torwards the harder edge with a hard beat, wild panning synths and driving percussion work. The melodies are always present thought, and that goes for the whole album.

For the track ”Praha” we leave the house beats behind for a more chilled journey. The track features a soundtrack like treatment with a lot of depth and hypnotic melodies. ”Svalor” brings back the beat together with layers of synths, emotions and a mellow bass while ”Tuffa sig” takes us on a more agressive path with rough rhythms and an acid’ish bassline.

One of the highlights of this album is ”Tribunen” which sports a steady beat together with elements reminding me of both classic house and old school techno. Filtered piano stabs, pleasant pads and an odd swedish vocal sample makes this one a winner. The last track of the album is ”Efterfesten” – an uplifting piece of house music with bright melodies and an overall good and cozy feel.

An impressive full length record to say the least. This is an album that fits equally well for both listening and dancing. Well crafted dance music with a deep soul and a lot of atmosphere. Pure bliss!

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