Jonny Cade – Find My Way EP [2020 Vision – Aug 19th]

Jonny Cade

Jonny Cade – Find My Way

1. Find My Way feat. Ria Moran
2. Dr. Fox
3. Ghostryder
4. Truffles At Dawn

In a ocean of copy paste vocal samples Find My Way is a gem with an properly studio made bassline, nice percussion arrangement and recorded vocals. Great to hear that London based Jonny Cade is doing “the real thing”. This guy has previously released on 2020:Vision, Leftroom, MoodMusic and Kolour Recording where he collaborated with Huxley on Pickerdillo. Keep an eye on this guy.

Budding young producer, Jonny Cade, drops the ‘Find My Way’ EP via 2020Vision this August, comprising three original house tracks from the rising producer.

Jonny Cade’s name has cropped up on the underground circuit more and more over the past few years, the initial turning point for the fledgling star was his, ‘London To Leeds’, EP which was released alongside Huxley on the reputable Kolour Recordings imprint. Since then, Cade has gone on to release an array of solo single and remixes for the likes of Loco Records, Left’d and Black Key Records, and recently had one of his tracks featured on Michelle Owen’s, Moodmusic compilation. A striking indication that Cade’s mature and attentive approach to production is making waves in all the right places.

The release kicks off with title track ‘Find My Way’ which features exciting young vocalist, Ria Moran’s heartfelt tones. Cade opts for swinging 909 drums and a hooky bass-lick as the driving force, while Moran’s voice sporadically eases in and out of the groove and understated chord stabs and tension building strings fuel the musicality, resulting in a classy, deep-house workout. Up next is ‘Dr. Fox’, embracing a similar deep, contemporary house aesthetic, with saw-wave bass hits, cosseting pads and hooky vocal snippets acting as the fundamental elements of the cut, Cade then plays on subtle variations in the groove throughout its near seven minute duration, to maintain an evolving dynamism and enticement.

Entering the latter half of the single we have ‘Ghostryder’ up first, Cade opts for a more upfront approach this time, bringing busy drum programming to the forefront, alongside sweeping synth tones, a tom-driven bass line and dubbed out vocal licks. Last up to close the 12 is ‘Truffles At Dawn’, again taking on a darker, more-edgy form, with low-pitched vocal lines, bulbous sub bass, and moody swirling pads, resulting in a hypnotic, peak- time number.

Jonny Cade’s ‘Find My Way’ EP is out on 2020Vision 19th August 2013.


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