Introducing Elekfantz [including Solomun Remix]


Elekfantz – Diggin’ on you [Aug 12th]

Elekfantz is a somewhat media shy alter ego of the Brazilian DJ Daniel Kuhnen. He caught my ear early this year long after setting the standard with Wish. Supported by Gui Borratto amongst many, Elekfantz keeped the hype as low as possible by not giving away any background information on neither Soundcloud, Facebook nor Resident Advisor.

As the 12th of august – the release date of the next EP Digging on You is approaching, the music community is completely cooking over with anticipation as the Solomun remix got over 10,000 plays on Soundcloud just 9 hours after the upload. Make sure to keep an eye on your favorite vinyl store. This is some lovely guitar-driven electronica somewhere in between Deep house, Indie Dance and Electropop.

Elekfantz – Wish [Kompakt 2012] –

…still my favourite…

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