Soundcloud tips

How to promote your music on Soundcloud getting more listeners and followers for DJs, producers and labels.

Soundcloud tips
Since launching in 2008 Soundcloud has become the number one platform for electronic music producers and DJs to share their tracks and mix-sets.

Here is a blueprint guide about how to get as much as possible out of your Soundcloud platform. 7 tips on how to get more followers and boost your soundcloud profile in general.

1. Upload free give away tracks.

Soundcloud users and the music blogosphere love free downloads. If you have a track that you are quite happy with, but it doesn’t make an official release make sure to get it up on Soundcloud and send it over to a few popular blogs. You can either have it as free free download or use apps like to exchange free downloads for FB likes.

2. Run a mix series on Soundcloud

Make a monthly or weekly “podcast series” either recording the DJ mixes yourself or asking similar producers or producers related to you and your label deliver a mix for you. Check out hmwl podcast that brought us most of our followers: Just make sure to use less commercial track and that the tracks you are permitted to use the tracks in your mixes.

3. Tags are your friends. Use them.

Make sure to tag you track up with right tags for genre (house, techno, deep house, dubstep) and the mixes with right tags for the tracks in the mix (artist_name, label_name)

4. Submit your tracks and mixes to groups.

There are huge groups on Soundcloud with 50,000+ or event 100,000+ members. Submit your tracks there to get many new listeners and followers. Just make sure to submit to the right genre groups: Here is one with 52,000 me members :

5. Share, share, share

Push your Soundcloud links to Facebook, Facebook groups, embed them in your Tumbler blog, WordPress blog, etc. Get in on other blogs connected to Hype Machine, Elbows, etc.

6. Give exclusives to certain blogs or communities.

A Secret soundcloud link for a track in private mode could be sent over as an exclusive pre-listen material a major music blog to publish your track exclusively. The blog wins by posting unique material, you win by getting the traffic from the blog. Win-Win

7. Don’t use crappy artwork.

Artwork is like your music’s business card, the first thing the would be listener / follow sees. Would you give away an ugly business card?

That my tricks and tips.  Happy Soundclouding!

And last but not least:

Follow HMWL on Soundcloud if you want to see how we do it (and to show your support)

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