HMWL Podcast 89 – Victor Berghmeister (Nonlocal records)

Victor Berghmeister

The summer and the HMWL Podcast 89 are finally here.

Victor Berghmeister entered the scene releasing Bloutrein EP on UK Label Moxi Records back in early 2012 after a year of experimenting with different genres and sounds.

Somewhere in the timeline between now and then however, he realized the power of the 7 chord as well as the new disco wave that had emerged and fell in love with deep house and garage. Both the acid bassline driven Detroit branch as well as the more sample based, soulful, rnb influenced branch that has risen again with great help from producers such as Axel Boman, Manuel Tur and Hannes Fischer. Right now, merging these two branches, while trying to maintain a flavor of “freshness” is the goal of this young producer.

1. HNNY – For the very first time (Original Mix)
2. Suburb – Aspiration
3. TROY DOUGLAS – Liquids (Victor’s side project @djtroydouglas )
4. Lauhaus Kabale Und Liebe – Hiphouse (Original Mix)
5. Delgado & Krissy K – Yah Right (Original Mix)
6. Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym
7. Lars Vegas – The Game
8. Detroit Swindle – Guess What (Original Mix)
9. Fulbert – First Time House
10. Urulu & Steve Huerta – Things I Didn’t Mean

HMWL: The Rosamango EP release on Nonlocal came pretty much out of nowhere. All the four tracks were fantastically well produced making us go “Ahhhhh! – who is this guy?”. What have you been doing production wise until now? Other monickers?

Victor: I’ve basically been working on being a better producer the last 3 years or so. I started out just making a bunch of original tracks and edits under silly names (mostly under Vladivostok and Fad Manner) which I basically all made “free to download” since I I was in it just for the love of making music.  Since then I’ve had a few releases but the one i’m most proud of is aformentioned  “Rosamango EP” which just got a release on newcomer canadian label NonLocal.

HMWL: Nearest future project, production-wise, gig-wise, club-wise?

Victor: Well, I’m now the third member of a project/former DJ-Duo called Troy Douglas. We’re keeping busy playing a lot, mostly in Stockholm since that’s our base, but we’re working hard on getting an EP out soon as well. Let’s just say my solo stuff has been taking a backseat for the last couple of months since with Troy Douglas, we’ve found a nice vibe and a sound that we want to pursue further.

HMWL: Labels and artists to look out for in 2013 according to you?

Victor: It’s definitely a free-for-all in the underground house scene right now with everyone using multiple AKA’s and releasing on so many different cool labels but some stand-outs for me are HNNY, Detroit Swindle and MK. They’ve all consistantly made some great things in 2011-2012 and in different sub-genres so I’m sure they have even more to give in 2013. As for labels; Stockholm-based Local Talk. They’re hyped I know but all they do seem to just work. Also Studio Barnhus with Axel Boman and Kornel Kovacs at the wheel have been releasing all kinds of sweet stuff and I’m hoping for more in 2013.

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