HMWL Podcast 83 – Martin Brodin (MB Disco)


Swedish  deep techno hero – Martin Brodin is about to release a new album. Which sounds surprisingly fresh and disco? We made sure to grab an exclusive podcast and chit chat a bit with Martin about techno, nu-disco, the past and the future. 


HMWL: Tell us a bit about Martin Brodin. When did you buy your first record? How long have you been part of music industry? Since how long do you consider yourself being a producer and a label boss?

Martin Brodin: I must have been around 11 or 12 years old when I bought my first record. If I’m not too wrong, it was the single Just Can’t Get Enough with Depeche Mode. And what a moment it was. It brings back a lot of memories. And looking back, who could imagine me being where I’m today, in the music industry myself. My career, if we should call it that, started back in 1996 when I started my record store, Yell Records. To keep a long story short, the store led me into the record label sides of things. In 2000 I started my first label Yellhouse Records. Not long after in 2001, Deeplay Music was born. Deeplay opened a lot of doors and has been the backbone for me ever since. After 5 years of pushing and releasing other artists, I felt it was the time to try out production myself. Said and done, my first single, Semitone Shuffle came out 2005 on my sublabel Deeplay Soultec.

HMWL: Your most known and successful releases during the last five years can be described as deep techno with an occasional psycadelic touch. We’re talking Galaxis (Remixed by Tony Senghore), Siberian Transit (Remixed by Pig & Dan), Semitone Shuffle (Remixed by Guy Gerber) and From Malmoe to Bremen (Remixed by Sasse). The BlaBlaBla album on other hand is described by yourself as a Modern Disco Classic. What fueled this transition from classic techno to a more modern disco approach?

Martin Brodin: No one could really see it coming and it may come as a surprise to many. However, my passion for Disco Music is a long loving affair. Ever since I really got into it, I couldn’t stop buying all records I could find at flea markets and second hand shops. One could say I was, and still is, a Disco aficionado. And the transition you refer to, started around 3 years ago when I by accident found a lot of rare and obscure Disco records in my collection, which haven’t played for many many years. I put a record on the turntables and couldn’t stop listening. I think I spent the whole weekend listening and embracing the great feeling of those records. I got such a kick out of it and the music wouldn’t leave my mind. So what wouldn’t be better than starting a record label influenced by those classics. MB Disco was born half a year later. With all that said, I still listen and play both Deep House and Tech House and similar stuff.

HMWL: How does 2013 sound in your head? What artists should we look out for? What is fresh and interesting? Which genres and sounds are no longer evolving or interesting?

Martin Brodin: Some of these questions are really hard to answer to. Let’s start with the easiest one. A few ones to look out for, are Jarle Bråthen from Norway and Pleasure Machines from Belgium, both very talented. And I have had the pleasure to work with both of them.
Fresh and interesting is the artists/producers who dares to go into new directions and explore the unknown. It takes a lot of guts to do this, and I respect the ones who do it. Which genres that are no longer evolving, haha, I’m not sure I can point it out. And it’s also a bit dangerous to generalize whole genres, because I still believe that in every genre there are cool and interesting things going on. I think every genre has its phases where it’s more or less evolving.

And what’s going on my head in 2013? Well, a lot of ideas for my follow up album. I’m trying to figure out how it should sound like. And there’s a lot of planning for MB Disco as well that needs to be handled. So it’s a mix of crazy creativity and strict planning. But it’s as usual I would say.


1. Martin Brodin – On The Island
2. Martin Brodin – Badabing 05:04
3. Martin Brodin- – Trapeze Disco 09:15
4. Martin Brodin – Wilmer Pt. 1 & 2 13:12
5. Martin Brodin – Humming Bird 20:36
6. Martin Brodin – Strings Attack 25:48
7. Martin Brodin – Don’t Stop The Dance 30:39
8. Martin Brodin- Funky Gura 36:17
9. Martin Brodin – Oh Yeah 41:09
10. Martin Brodin – Agogo 45:54
11. Martin Brodin -Vicious Games 50:44

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