HMWL 82 – Lou Van (Sound of Copenhagen / Adult Music)


Mix Number 81 comes from a young nu-disco soldier from the city of Copenhagen. Lou Van has been the number one Disco starship commander in the Capital of Denmark during the last few years. His tracks has been featured on Sound Of Copenhagen and there is a brand new EP coming up on Adult Music. 


Lou Van – Broken Swings
Peace Division – Blacklight Sleaze
NTFO – Pendos 
Schwind, Dunwich, Serge Erege1 – Higher Love
Nhan Solo feat. FML – Easy (Adriatique How Low Remix)
Karol XVII & MB Valence – Simple Minds
Jimmy & Fred – I See Lights (Karmon Remix)
Dino Lenn – West End Girls (Leon & Toky Aka Sukperhero Remix)

HMWL: Your are considered as one of the young talented nu-disco / deep house crusaders of Copenhagen. With remixes for Tomas Barfod and such your sound has many times been compared to Danny Daze, Doctor Dru and The Mekanism. Tell us more about Lou Van?

Lou Van:
Well… My name is Ludvig and i’m a 24 year old guy who’s been living of dj’ing in Copenhagen for the last 5 years of my life. About two years ago i started getting in to producing my own stuff, and has been fooling around with Ableton Live ever since. It was a quite natural step for me, starting to produce. Not that i got tired of dj’ing, i love dj’ing – i was just missing that creative edge and in depth feeling you get when you sit with a piece of music.

I just recently set up a studio room, so now is the time to SERIOUSLY produce and try to do something with my music. At the moment I’m really in a phase of finding my sound in producing, which i consider being the toughest thing of it all. But hey, being compared to names such as the mentioned, well that’s just awesome!

HMWL:What is the sound of summer 2013 an onwards in your personal opinion. What will be hip? what will be overrated? What type of tracks will we hear the most at this summer’s festivals and outdoor parties?

Lou Van: In the more popular end, I would definitely say that the things Karmon is doing at the moment is hitting the right spot. His happy but still sometimes melancholic sounds and beats really are pressing people out on the dance floor. I always get in a good mood listening to Karmon, and i love his sound – and even the fact that it sometimes sounds to ‘perfect’ and ‘overproduced’. Well crafted music right there.

In the more deep-end i would bet that Finnebassen will tear the summer dancefloors up again, along with guys like Adana Twins with their new track “Reaction” – what a banger. And not to forget, a guy ilke Pete Oak and the sounds he is doing, he’s one to watch out for!
You really need melody-focused productions in my opinion, to get that summer vibe going.

HMWL: What is the nearest future plans for Lou Van? Productions / gigs / collaborations?

Lou Van: Well, right now I’m just focusing on doing my thing in the studio and exploring my sound. Futurewise, i’m currently in contact with a few labels about my productions, and is doing an EP for the label Adult Music, who also have Loverdose under their wings. Any more than that, i can’t say That’s the thing about this business i guess. Everything is in slow-motion – i’ve heard about people releasing their tracks 1 year after they finished them, so you really need to be patient in this game haha.


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