HMWL 80 – Mark Mansion (Supermarket Records)

Mark Mansion aka Marko Randelovic is most likely to be found behind the decks at some of the Stockholm city clubs – from the deep “it is what it is” house joints to the commercial floors of Stureplan clubs. Lately he’s been releasing new tracks in machine gun speed, on a dozen of different labels, most noteworthy ones being Borracho on Supermarket Records and Come a little Close on Hush.

HMWL: You started playing violin, keyboards and drums at a very early age. When did you catch the house bug and when did you really got into producing EDM?

Mark: It was in the late 90´s when I accidentally came across some Funky House records, it was artists like Funkstar De Luxe, Phats & Small and Armand Van Helden. I started to produce House music in 2009, I had stored so much ideas and inspiration throughout the years and it needed finally to come out.

HMWL: You released some soft and deep as well as tech tracks on a bunch of labels in 2011 and 2012. The two most note-worthy labels would be Hush and Supermarket. You also managed to get your tracks on some popular compilation. Some people say Beatport is a jungle where it’s really hard to get a good release noticed without having a huge name or a marketing arsenal. How do you feel about that?

Mark: Yes it is a jungle, and lots of artists don’t get noticed for their music, I think thats really sad that you need a big label with good marketing skills and money if you want to get your tracks noticed. There is so much good music out there that isn’t on the “top 100” list, and many of the top list tracks aren’t that good either. Good music is always gonna be good music whether you have a name or not, its a big or small label, top 100 or not.

HMWL: What’s the imideate future plans for Mark Mansion? Production and Gig wise?

Mark: This year I’m looking forward to some new music collaborations that is gonna happen, I also have some new fresh tracks that I’m working on right now which I’m looking forward to finish, but mainly I’m gonna slow down a little bit with the production this year and start hunting for more nightclub gigs. I missed playing on nightclubs and feel that I have been away for too long now.

HMWL: The music scene is certainly on the move, like always. What genres do you think will be taking over in 2013? What is overhyped? What is fresh and new? Which artists and labels should one keep an eye on this year?

Mark: I been thinking about this before and I really don’t know whats gonna take over this year, but I think its still gonna be this overhyped “big room pop dance music” and “dubstep”, I hope I’m wrong..
The new n´ fresh would be this Deep House sound with the touch of old school Hip Hop beats and Vocals, really dig it. Watch out for “Off Recordings” label and artists like “Robosonic” and “Miguel Puente“.


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