HMWL 76 – Moon Regiment – First Mix of 2013 [Four Eyed Records]


Moon Regiment is Göteborg based Magnus Randlöv who’s been weeping up high quality productions out of his basement at a light speed during the 2012. I believe he deserves much more attention when he gets. Here are the few words by the man himself.

1. Moon Regiment – Do you want it
2. Frantz & Awesome – Estamos Mirando
3. Andycap – Natura [Moon Regiment Remix] 4. Moon Regiment – Ritz
5. Pleasurekraft – Tarantula [Moon Regiment Remix] 6. Moon Regiment – Fairfax
7. Cirez D – Full Stop [Moon Regiment Remix]

HMWL: How did the Moon Regiment project started?
Moon Regiment: About two years ago I wanted something special in my life. So instead of getting a girlfriend, or raising a family, I created this project
called Moon Regiment. I thought it sounded cool, and the name carried my initials, which made it a little personal. This was to be a project in which I presented my works and creations. No matter what it was.

HMWL: Tell us a bit about your own indie house label Four Eyed Records?
Moon Regiment: In order to share my work on the open market, the businessman in me had to emerge. It wasnt until I was tipped about this promo / DJ site that I knew how to gain total creative control over my work, and sharing it with the world. That’s what Four Eyed is: my work. It’s just about getting out there with your music, whenever you want with whatever you want.


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