HearThuG – Dancing On A Grave [My Favorite Robot, December 21st]

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I’m not sure if the Canadian trio over at My Favorite Robot Records are at it again or if they ever even stopped. For their 90th release, the enigmatic HearThuG of Tunisia takes center stage.

“Dancing on a Grave” features My Favorite Robot (mainly on vocals), which automatically means a tech driven piece of house heaven. HearThuG and MFR compliment each other so well that it’s difficult to envision this track not becoming an instant underground hit. The melody makes the track catchy and movable, while the 80’s inspired synth’s keep things deep and funky. A heavy house kick ties it all together in a big bow, ready to be dropped on unsuspecting late night dance floor residents.

“Heartbeat” is a kick-heavy house track with emotional undertones all over the place. The vocals really carry this one, along with some long winded raw synth chords. Melancholy with groove is definitely the theme to this release and “Heartbeat” is the epitome of that.

Overall, you’re looking at a quality release from a quality label known for rewarding the experimental, while at the same time keeping a consistent sound.

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