Gery Otis – The Color Of The Moons [Equilibrium Lab July 1st]


The latest tribal techno EP by Napoli based Gery Otis comes surrounded by radio silence. No public soundcloud links, no youtube video. No Facebook announcements. Neverless the three moons EP is nothing but solid techno. Thanks for the promo Equilibrium Lab!

Gery Otis – Orange moon:


1. White Moon
2. Orange Moon
3. Black Moon
4. Eighties

Stefano Lotti & Luca Fabiani’s Equilibrium Lab has always placed an emphasis on eclecticism, having already championed everything from techno to house to minimal. Their most recent release arrives courtesy of compatriot Gery Otis – with the Neapolitan continuing the label’s rich vein of form thanks to ”The Color Of The Moons” E.P.

His second release for the imprint sees Otis adhere to typically trippy and somewhat ‘out there’ soundscapes, with the EP’s first original, ”White Moon” – complete with pulverizing percussion and mounds of white noise – particularly indicative of the fact. Sparse, but with just enough tension to keep the listener enthralled throughout, it’s a promising start on a captivating journey.

The similarly titled ”Orange Moon” is next. Again, the drums play a focal role, and despite not digressing much, the heavy emphasis on the loop is more than enough to keep matters interesting. The moon theme continues unabated on ”Black Moon”, a record that is – ironically – even more colorful than its predecessor. Intricate, calculated and shaped by a lovely smattering of snares and melodies, it saunters to a finish line that’s swelling with a confident ambiance.

The last of the four originals is ”Eighties”. Haunting vocals are the order of the day this time, as hissing sounds interject at various points to add to the overall madness. Otis’ return to Equilibrium Lab compounds the original promise he showed on his debut for the label, ”Red Moon”. Here’s to plenty more to come.

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