Free download: Metzop – Not Defective

Not Defective’ is the brand new release from London based electronic producer Martin Golding, aka Metzop.

Martin Golding AKA Metzop is a London based producer of mixed electronic music. Studying contemporary classical works when at school, he first started producing EDM when touring as a technician with British indie band The xx.

Teaching himself the piano after hearing Einaudi records at a young age, he now regularly uses it in conjunction with electronic instruments and rhythms to create a unique hybrid sound, fusing classical elements with dubstep, hip hop and house – often using edited and pitched vocals in conjunction with sampled dialogue to tell a story.

Influenced by a diverse range of artists from Adventure Club and Yinyues to Bakermat and Fred Falke, he tries to capture their individual ways of conveying emotion and shape it into his own brand of synthesised aural pleasure.

Metzop mixes contemporary sounds with classical influences, showcasing his thought process, his skill and creativity through innovative sound sculping. This is something that is noticeable when listening to a Metzop record and can be heard throughout ‘Not Defective’

Metzop uses his instrument skills alongside elements of chillout, Electronica, Drum & Bass and RnB, fusing a range of genres into one intelligent and extraordinary sound that is ‘Not Defective’.

This new release contains an interesting sampling, with Faith Evans vocals sprinkled throughout and wordplay taken from the hit USA TV series Homeland, all used effectively to tell a story with direction. ‘Not Defective’ showcases tight production, with some crisp chillout patterns and Dnb flavor.

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