Francisco Allendes – So Long Reptilians – DESOLAT X019


On the 11 of March Francisco Allendes will release a 6 track Ep on Desolat! A solo Ep on the IMPRINT’S ‘X’ SERIES.

The Ep move a you in diffrent directions, The Magician has a more Experimental sound, a very chilled track.  Superwave Theory is the true peak dance track, it’s filled with percussion rythems and cool vocal loop. Proyecto Gaia has a groove base line and some really deep stabs, even this one will make you dance. El Regreso de los Abuelos stands out a bit from the rest of the tracks, with it’s minimal jet complicated rythem of small sound, blips and revers impacts it make you to stop a really listen to it. Beautiful! Ascension 101 is a spot on “build-up” track it gets you going and opens your mind for more, more, more & more! Amigos del Planeta is the last club track, punchy and swingin beats in this one, The true Desolat Sound!!!!

You can prelisten to the Ep here:


A1 – The Magician

A2 – Superwave Theory

A3 – Proyecto Gaia

B1 – El Regreso de los Abuelos

B2 – Ascension 101

B3 – Amigos del Planeta

Enjoy this! Jesper Aubin



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