Event: Alan Fitzpatrick [KB18, Copenhagen November 15th]

Alan Fitzpatrick is a techno DJ and producer from United Kingdom. He had his breakthrough in 2008 when he released ‘Mau Yin EP’ on his own record label 8 sided dice. Since then his success curve have pointed straight up. Alan released his debut album ‘Shadows in the dark’ in 2010 at Adam Beyers Drumcode records and thus became the first artist since 2005 to do so. Earlier this year Alan appeared on Drumcode’s showcase during WMC in Miami. On the same label he has released a huge amount of techno hits for example ‘Seksis (orginal mix)’ in 2012. Alan has also collaborated with Adam Beyer himself and together they released the classic techno tracks ‘Human Reason (original mix)’ in 2011 and ‘Memesis (original mix)’ in 2013.

Alan Fitzpatrick is seen as one of the most influential artist in the techno genre at this time. The music he makes is innovative, dynamic with a heavy-funk sound. Alan Fitzpatrick has the magic, that only a few lucky techno DJs have, to deliver music that is impossible not to dance to, hour after hour until the light goes on, which made him especially popular in the underground and after hour scene. This year Alan has performed on clubs and festivals all over the world for example at Sands Ibiza, Mayday, Awakenings, Kazantip, Amsterdam Dance Event etcetera.

Even if Alan Fitzpatrick is recognized globally as one of the top techno producer and DJ, he has not yet reached his top. Some people are born to be legends, and those, such as Alan Fitzpatrick, who also are prepared to work for it, will become one. Alan creates and delivers magic on the techno dance floor. Be prepared to be moved, not only in your heart but also by your feet.


HMWL asked Christian Rütz (Remote Enclosure Audio) what his thoughts are about the upcoming event with Alan Fitzpatrick:

Christian: well we had Alan F last year. it was a really nice party, about 300 people, so not huge. pretty sure that people will like him, just like last year. We expect a good party going on till early morning hours. The venue and the techno music that Alan plays is a perfect match i think.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/550647394991262/?fref=ts

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