Download for a charity donation: House of Lucid Dreams – The Wind

While exchanging facebook likes for downloads of half-finished tracks came to be the big trend of 2013, the Manchester based producer House Of Lucid Dreams (aka Daniel Abram) takes a different approach.

His latest deep, floating, somewhat psychedelic production The Wind is the perfect warm-up or chill-out track that will keep you DJ fire burning throughout the winter. It’s offered for for download if you make a charity donation from £2 and up to the Mustard Tree charity that works with improving the situation for the homeless people of Manchester. Including soup runs twice a week, professional employment concealing, mentoring and other types of support.

Since it’s almost impossible to generate major sales revenues producing “underground type” of electronic music, the producers might as well do what they love to benefit charities. Big ups to Daniel! Let’s hope this is the new “download” trend of 2014.

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