DJ PP- Queen of Disco

Gabriel Rocha, also known as DJ PP, is one of the most elite producers and DJs of Uruguay. Named one of the most influential dj/producer of 2010 by Mark Knight, he was nominated as best producer in the Beatport Tech House Music Awards for his track Drunken Russian; which is by far one of my favorite which I could not stop playing last year! Gabriel Rocha has collaborated with labels such as Toolroom, Defected, Rising, Leftroom, Sci + Tec, StrictlyRythm, Cr2, Greatstuff, KlingKlong, CraftMusic, Ministry of Sound, Soulman, MuzikXPress and today creates his solo projects on his label; PP Music.  

When I listen to Queen of Disco, I instantly hear funky drops from Donna Summer- I feel love. In fact, if you have a listen to it, you will hear that DJ PP’s track is completely derived from it; to a degree except, there are no vocals on his track and the tempo is increased along with the immense build-ups and breaks. You can’t help but feel the essence of disco in the late 1970’s and as most disco tracks; electric pianos, electric guitars and synthesizers create an exuberant yet original background sound; you can hear it straight away! I always say, old tracks are just as good as new ones.. However, I also do love some remixes of classic numbers!

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